FeedScan App

With the “FEEDSCAN”APP developed exclusively by rock River Laboratory, the samples can be transferred easily via a tablet or Smartphone. This facilitates sending samples, allows to work paperless and keeping track easily, no matter where you are. The analysis results can be read subsequently through the XML interface directly into the ration calculation programs.

Data management can also be accomplished with a  customer account directly via an access or “log in” or retrieved from the website www. RockRiverlab.eu.

The App for forage analysis

Convenient forwarding of analysis orders for feed, forage and manure samples. All information will be send in a few steps from your screen directly to Rock River Laboratory Europe. Using the App is timesaving and allows the farmer an optimal and successful usage of our services.

Characteristics of the FeedScan App:

  • Automatically completion in the quick selection for the customer
  • Your profile data are saved to allow later on a fast and easy sample submission
  • An optional screen allows the double check of the selected information before sending the sample
  • The possibility to send analysis results immediately to any possible email address from the contact list
  • Two Standard options to submit an order – via bar code or via the function generate code

FeedScan can be downloaded in the App Store (iPhone) or in Google Play.

Die FeedScan App erlaubt die Beauftragung von Proben und damit papierlos zu arbeiten.

The FeedScan App means working without paper.